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Faculty of Economics

World economy is vastly changing in a society in which globalization is rapidly progressing. In the Faculty of Economics, we know correctly these vast changes in the society and economics and we acquire the methodology to survive in the present age and we nurture new business leaders who will become familiar with the know-how of corporate management.

Talent Promotion Policy For the students who have various sense of purpose, we give them an opportunity to learn economic domain and the basics of business administration domain along with instilling in them as part of the basic social knowledge, “the ability to recognize problems”, “the ability to solve problems”,“communicative competence”, “ability to take action” and “the ability to adjust”.

Point of learning

[Point1] Able to learn a wide domain

From economics to business administration, students can learn a wide domain.In the first and second year from the various classes, students can pursue individual specialties from a wide range of selections.Also, students can promote self-analysis and will acquire the ability to plan their future.

[Point2] Nurture a sense of economics/ business management and ability to put it into practice

Classes by instructors, who have had abundant work experience in the private enterprises and by experienced businessman, and through various hands-on educational programs, will help the student develop an eye for the economic trend and be able to apply the principles in action.Also, the internship program is available to the students from the first year.

[Point3] Each individual student will be taught thoroughly in classes which have small number of students

From the first year, in a classroom setting with about 15 students, each student is taught with care, general education centering on “carrier basic lectures”.Furthermore, in the specialty course, we will assist the students to make best use of their basic scholastic ability and have them develop and enlarge their potential.

[Point4] Offer carrier support to achieve high rate of employment

By the third year, students will be obliged to take either the Official
Economics Examination or the Official Business Management Examination and there is an effective support system for the students to acquire various qualifications.We aim for 100% employment rate by confronting the difficulties of finding employment from the beginning.

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