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Tuition, Cost of Living Expenses
Necessary amount for one year (Faculty of Economics)
Entrance Deposit (only first year) ¥200,000
1st Semester ¥328,750
2nd Semester ¥305,550
Total ¥834,300
*Cost of Living:

Kyushu is comparatively inexpensive, easy environment lifestyle
~Reference~ *foreign student’s one month expense*

Utilities:About ¥10,000
Part-time Work
To pay tuition and other necessary expenses, if there is a need to do part-time work, as long as it does not hinder your studies and have received “work permit” from the Immigration Office, you may do part-time work.If you do part-time work without the work permit or you work more hours than you are permitted or you break the rules concerning part-time work, you will be subject to punishment. Foreign students enrolled in a university must follow the rules listed below:
  • When regular classes are in session, only 28 hours are allowed per week
  • When there is a long vacation period (spring, summer, winter vacation) up to 8 hours per day is allowed
  • Adults only places such as night clubs, etc are prohibited
  • You must take 10 or more credits per semester
University Facilities, Academic Environment
At Kyushu Kyoritsu University, we have the necessary facilities in a large site to lead a college lifestyle.
For the students, there is a library, a health center, computer rooms for personal use such as internet, etc.
Also at Kyushu Kyoritsu University for students who “do not understand the ways of university studies”, “cannot understand the class contents” or “want certain qualifications”, we have a student support center to assist them. Students can freely come to the center and receive counsel from instructors anytime.
Language Environment, Exchanges with Japanese Students
To support foreign students with Japanese language and culture studies, we have [Kyushu Kyoritsu University-Kyushu Women’s University-Kyushu Women’s Junior College] Japanese Language and Culture Division to study Japanese Grammar and or communication.
As long as it does not conflict with the department classes, you can take Japanese classes at the Japanese Language and Culture Division.
Also, we have students who are Japanese language teacher volunteers to help foreign students with Japanese language studies, lifestyle support, various on and off campus activities, etc. The members are Japanese and foreign students of Kyushu Kyoritsu University, Kyushu Women’s University and Kyushu Women’s Junior College.
After you have entered the university, there are scholarship offered by various organizations for the foreign students.
Though there may be changes in the amount, some scholarships are from ¥20,000 per month.
When there are scholarships available, we will post them on the bulletin board in front of the Kyushu Kyoritsu University’s Foreign Student Support Center.Please confirm the information.
Due to scholarships being limited, we will conduct screenings within our campus and will recommend the student to the organization offering the scholarships. We will conduct the selections not only by academic evaluation, but also by financial needs, lifestyle conduct, etc.
*An independent administrative agency
Japan Student Support Organization
Private Financial Assistance for Foreign Student Academic Support
Number of scholarships offered:(Average year) about 40 students
Amount:Undergraduate Student:About ¥48,000/month
Graduate Course Student:About ¥65,000/month
*Fukuoka Prefecture International Exchange Center Scholarship
There are other private scholarships available *There may be some changes as to number of recipients and amounts of the scholarships available to the foreign students.
Facilities and surroundings around the campus area
Our campus is about 15 minute walk from Orio Station.
It takes about 50 minutes by JR Rapid Express Train from Fukuoka City’s Hakata Station to Orio Station. Using the subway from Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Station and JR from Hakata Station to Orio Station, it will take about 90 minutes.
Orio Station is a major train station with local trains, Rapid Express trains, and even the Limited Express Trains make stops.
Surrounding the campus area are other educational institutions and housing. Orio has all the necessary facilities to make life easier with large supermarkets, several restaurants, book stores, etc.
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