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Month Year Information
April 1965 Kyushu Kyoritsu University established (Faculty of Economics,  Faculty of Economics).
April 1966 Established a second Faculty of Economics.
April 1967 Established the Faculty of Engineering (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture).
April 1968 Added Department of Business Management to the Faculty of Business Management.
March 1975 Completion of the Library (RC 4 stories, 4,933.31m2).
April 1979 Added Department of Environmental Science and Department of Development to the Faculty of Engineering.
April 1985 Completion of the Fukuhara Kakumei Memorial Hall(RC 3 story 7,661.53m2).
November 1991 Completion of Jiyugaoka Hall.
April 1994 Established Kyushu Kyoritsu University/ Kyushu Women's University / Kyushu Women’s Junior College Life-long Learning Center, Health Education Research Center, International Exchange Center.
June 1994 Established Kyushu Kyoritsu University / Kyushu Women's University / Kyushu Women’s Junior College Information Processing Education Research Center.
July 1995 Established the Environment Analysis Research Center.
October 1997 Completed Shinkokan (RC 6 story 16,116.55m2), the Shinkokan experiment area (4,100.73m2)
April 2001 Graduate School of Engineering Master's course established (Machine Production Systems Engineering specialty, Electronic Information Engineering specialty, Municipal Systems Engineering specialty, Environmental System Studies specialty); Faculty of Engineering’s Department of Electrical Engineering changed to Department of Electronic Information Engineering; Department of Development changed to Department of Local Environmental Systems Engineering; Comprehensive Research Center established.
April 2003 Established a doctoral course for the Graduate School of Engineering; Changed the master’s course to a doctoral first semester course; Termination of student recruitment for the second Faculty of Economics.
May 2003 Established the Learning Support Center.
August 2003 Kyushu Kyoritsu University / Kyushu Women's University / Kyushu Women’s Junior College Health Education Research Center reorganized and name changed to Kyushu Kyoritsu University / Kyushu Women's University / Kyushu Women’s Junior College Health Center.
April 2005 Termination of student recruitment for Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Electronic Information Engineering; Based on these two departments, Mechanical Electronic Department and Information Department were established; Department of Civil Engineering was changed to the Municipal System Engineering Department; Department of Local Environmental System Engineering was changed to the Environmental Science Department; Department of Environmental Science was changed to Life Substance Department.
April 2006 Faculty of Sports, faculty of SportsScience established.
April 2007 Termination of student recruitment for the Environmental Science Department and Life Substance Department; Municipal System Engineering Department changed to Environmental Civil Engineering Department.
April 2008 Termination of student recruitment for the Mechanical Electronic Department, Information Department, Environmental Civil Engineering Department and Department of Architecture.
April 2009 Faculty of Economics and Department of Business Management reorganized and changed to Faculty of Economics/Business Management.

The Spirit of Building a Learning Institute:  Managing Self-Reliance (Follow your conscience, manage things and have joy)

"Rules, Work, Courtesy" Academic Principle: Managing Self-Reliance

The motive of the founder, Gunzo Fukuhara, to establish a private school was to set an aim in life directly from childhood to the prime of life wherein education, having uniform intellectual principles and results injected to the child devoid of anxieties of non-human education, values the growth development of the individual character. Therefore, the ideal building of an educational institute is to construct a general school which aims to offer education with consistency from kindergarten to university.

That spirit is “education by the people for the people”. Gunzo Fukuhara’s ideal education derived from his educational experience is as Socrates’ statement that [originally education should not be conducted as an occupation but that it should be conducted by a teacher who feels that it is his humane mission.]
Also, it is that a teacher should exert himself to teaching throughout his life and that the spirit of our private school’s teacher should be as the educational spirit of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (a Swiss educational reformer) which is memorialized on an epigraphy.

Gunzo Fukuhara himself, being very aware of the human immaturity, felt far from his own ideal teacher image. However, he thought an idea is an idea and that he would live to incarnate the idea consistently and find the significance in the process of the formation of the human being and constantly was diligent about this as his mission in life. There is a Spirit of Building a Learning Institute at this school.

Concerning the Academic Principle: Managing Self-Reliance

Managing Self-Reliance is an expression created from abundant educational experience through Gunzo Fukuhara’s life. The meaning of this expression is profound and will be of great profit to students who study here as part of their life training.

“Self-Reliance” is casting a light on the road through your own acts and intentions which will correct the injustices of self-interests and egocentric opinions. “Managing” is doing something that is virtuous which puts you on the path of intelligence.

Lao-tzu stated that one should “condemn inaction and teach silence” which shows circumstances of freedom that by reading books one can know the path and by respecting others one can learn and follow the “affection” of Buddha, the “virtue” of Confucius and the “love” of Christ.

If we act on these simple words concretely, then we will be able to “judge our selves”. We will be able to manage any kind of state of affairs by not doing anything wrong. The power to deal with things in life is by correct self-reliance and wisdom, and to regard everyday life as your learning studio wherein you can sophisticate your self-introspection.

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