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President's Message


Toshihiro Okuda
University Consortium President,
Kyushu Kyoritsu University

Fukuhara Gakuen was established in 1947 by the founder, Gunzo Fukuhara, based on his belief that “true education cannot be realized if there was not in private schools a firm spirit in building learning institutions.

The spirit of “Managing Self-reliance” is the expectation of Kyushu Kyoritsu University.It is also life’s rule which you should understand throughout your life. Due to this university having this expectation as the root of our instructional activity, students can follow the standards that they set up and act on it with individual judgment and responsibility by respecting the rules, having the enterprising spirit of work and applying correct principles.

Recently, this university has incorporated a substantial carrier support system.Construction of the life-long career development system is recognized as a modern GP by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Also, we concentrate on nurturing the power of the human being.The duty of the student is learning. However, it is not limited to the classroom curriculum. Encounters with every person; experiences acquired through various activities enlarges the student’s field of vision and all experiences which have value is what they “learn”.I believe that this connects to the nurturing of the human being.

The faculty and staff of this university will always encourage and support the students. I also, as a relation to the founder and chairperson of Fukuhara Gakuen University Consortium and president of Kyushu Kyoritsu University, based on the spirit of the founder, will make every effort to support the students.

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