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faculty of SportsScience

Our goal is mold human beings with strong leadership abilities. Today, there is much attention concerning sports and health but there is a lack to help meet these needs. Currently, there is a demand for talented people who have a wide range of qualifications to teach and direct sports at various places. The Faculty of Sports do not only help the students in acquiring knowledge and skills in the specialized fields but also nurtures the students in obtaining communicative competence, sense of cooperation, social interaction and leadership traits. Our desire is for the student to become a worthy leader with high sportsmanship quality along with learning to become considerate and courteous human beings with good manners and learning patience and volition in making efforts to achieve his or her goal.

Talent Promotion Policy

Of course it is necessary for the student to acquire the fundamental knowledge and practical ability from the first year, therefore we will assist the students in obtaining internships quickly and help them in deciding what they would like to do or what they can do through experiences.

From the third year, the student will concentrate on the three specialized domains: “coaching”, “conditioning” and “sports education” and learn specialized field of sports and will receive counseling concerning their future plans after finishing their academics. Through interchanges with former students of this university who have become professional baseball players of “Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks” and with instructors who are Olympic medalists, we will nurture the students to become local leaders who have knowledge and a wide field of vision.

Point of Learning

Coaching Domain

We will nurture students who are athletes or sports lovers who can teach or give appropriate guidance related to sports. Through scientific sports experiments using the latest machinery, much practice and experiencing many experiments, we as instructors in various sport fields will instill in the students the necessary high level coaching skills and guidance ability.

Conditioning Domain

An athlete learns the know-how to adjust and always train in the best condition. The student will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in everyday situation to guide the senior citizens to maintain their physical strength; give advice about nutrition and exercise to others to maintain their health; help rehabilitate those who have physical obstacles and to prevent injuries and emergencies.

Sports Education Domain

Student will acquire the know-how to teach appropriate sports and body building skills to give suggestions to young people about sports applicable to their ages. Students can acquire the knowledge and skills as educators through various experiences such as actually doing student teaching at junior and senior high schools, at facilities for young people and at sports centers for physically challenged people, etc.

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